Teaching Ideas – The Weather

Us Brits love to talk about the weather so it makes sense that the weather is one of the first things I introduce into my warm up routine. It’s a suitable topic for all ages and levels and students often love comparing the weather in our countries.

Warm up questions

What’s the weather like today? It is hot and sunny.

What was the weather like yesterday? It was cold and snowy.

Is it cloudy today? Yes, it is. / No it isn’t. 

What type of weather do you like? I like …… because….

What do you do when it’s rainy? When it’s rainy I….

With younger students we draw the weather on the courseware together and use TPR actions to accompany each weather word. I found some adorable flashcards from Mockeri too. I use these to practise the vocab and play some of my favourite flashcard games (flashcard games post coming soon).

Weather songs also make a great addition to a warm up routine. Continue reading for some of my favourites!

How’s the weather? – Maple Leaf Learning

Rain Rain Go Away – Super Simple Songs (I usually add the student’s name. ‘Elsa wants to play’).

Mr Golden Sun – Pink Fong

What’s the weather like? – The Kiboomers

I also made a cute weather homework sheet to send to my students. I encourage my students’ parents to ask their children about the weather everyday too!

Click the link below to download the pdf version.

Weather Homework Sheet

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