Christmas Freebies

It’s kind of almost nearly Christmas, so I’ve decided it’s ok to start celebrating!  Last week’s reward was more wintery, this week we’re gently easing in to Christmas! The zipped file with this week’s freebies can be found at the bottom of the page!

This week’s freebies are both for Manycam. If you don’t have Manycam already, you can download it for free here:

And if you want a bit of help getting started you can watch Kat’s awesome tutorial series here:

Christmas Border

Christmas Gift Reward

This one looks a little complicated at first, but the kids seem to pick it up super  quickly! To begin with you have six unopened presents. Students choose a present, you open it together and talk about the toy. Finally move the toy to see if there is a star or two behind! I have one box with two stars, three boxes with one star and two boxes without stars!

If you’d like to see how this reward works I made a video you can watch here:

Same as last week, I’ve zipped everything up into a folder. This week I’ve included the Manycam files and the original PNGs in case you’d like to resize anything. Hope you have a great week!


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Winter Freebies

Happy December!

I know it’s only the beginning of the month but I’m starting to feel quite festive so I’ve made a few seasonal resources. I hope you find some of them useful for your classroom too :).

For most of these you need Manycam, if you don’t have it yet, you can download it for free by clicking here! 

Winter DaDa Name Poster

I got a request for a seasonal name poster, so here it is! I hope you like it :). Click here for the PDF version.

Winter Manycam Border

I know this is nowhere near as cute as the borders Kat makes! But it’s a little something to tide us over until she comes out with her Xmas borders! When they’re published I’ll leave a link to them here too. Download the Manycam border and rewards in a zipped file at the end of this post.

Build a Snowman Manycam Reward

This has been a hit with my students so far! The reward includes a range of eyes, noses, mouths, hats and scarves for the students to choose from! I take a photo at the end and send it them through the homework feature.

Snow Fails Reward

I’ve found some snowy GIFs to share with students after each star. I let them choose the animal and show them the corresponding GIF!

I haven’t figured out how to attach individual Manycam files yet so I’ve zipped everything up into one handy folder for you!

CLICK HERE to download all the Winter Freebies

If there’s anything else you’d like making for Winter/Xmas, let me know and I’ll see what I can do :)!

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