My favourite apps and how to use them with Manycam

There are so many great apps for kids out there and they can be a really fun addition to the classroom. Unfortunately when you hold your phone up to the screen you don’t always get the clearest picture. I finally figured out how to link my iPhone to my computer and share through Manycam. I can’t wait to try this in the classroom!

If you’d like to see how to share apps through Manycam check out this video:

Now for my favourite apps!

Surprise Eggs by Marjan Trajkoski

This is probably my students’ favourite reward. They have a ‘girls’ version with dolls, animals and lots of pink and a ‘boys’ version with cars, superheroes and motorcycles. When the students get a star, they choose an egg. We then eat it together to reveal the toy inside!

Drawing for Kids by Bini Bambini

A really fun reward for little ones. After each star we draw part of an animal. The students can choose the colours they like. When the drawing it moves across the screen.

Toca kitchen monsters by TokaBoka

You choose a monster, select food from a fridge and how to cook it. You can then feed the monster and it will eat or stick its tongue out at the food. I think this’ll be great for food lessons and talking about likes/dislikes, countable/uncountable nouns and cooking verbs.

Meet the alphablocks by Blue Zoo

This is a great app to practise phonics! Each letter has a little animation and song to practise the sound.

Decision Roulette by Treebit Games

This is a great customisable spinner app. You can create your own spinners and add pictures. There are also different sound effects and backgrounds to choose from. You could use this as a game of ‘find a star’ and add questions or pictures of students’ interests.

My Pet Pony by Fun Factory

A great app for the My Little Pony Fans out there. Students can create their own pony. They can choose the colour, hair, tail, decorations and clothes. The great thing about using this with Manycam is that you can zoom in on the different options as they can be pretty small.

Sweet Home by Play Toddlers

I think this could be a really cute app to practise family and rooms in the house!

I hope you enjoy using these apps in the classroom. Let me know how they go down, or if you have any other apps you’d recommend. I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface with these!

If you haven’t got Manycam yet but would like to give it a try, you can download it for free here:

And for help setting it up take a look at Kat’s blog. She gives really great step by step Manycam tutorials:


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