Manycam Reward – Dinosaurs

I love doing extra rewards with my younger learners! I don’t use them every lesson but they can be a great way to break things up and play to the student’s interests!

I’ve found that most of my students LOVE dinosaurs, the scarier the better! I tried this reward with cute little cartoon dinosaurs but that just wasn’t cutting it, even my five year old girls much prefer this realistic version¬† and love roaring as load as they can.

I usually reward a dinosaur per star and let the student choose which dinosaur they’d like. We spend some time talking about where it should go, what it looks like, what it can do and what it eats. At the end we usually make a story with the dinosaurs which pretty much always involves the T-rex chomping on everything in sight and letting out a big burp!

Do you guys use rewards in class? Do your students have a favourite?

Click here to download the zipped folder with Manycam and PNG files: Dinosaur reward


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