How I earn money while I travel

traI’ve had the travel bug for as long as I remember, and for a while teaching abroad was enough to sate it! But only moving every year or so wasn’t enough for me. I love that teaching online means I can travel as frequently as I like. I’ve lived in six countries so far this year!

In this video I share:

  1. What I do to prepare for travel
  2. My teach and travel must haves!
  3. What I do when I first arrive in a new location
  4. How I prepare for internet emergencies.

Have any of you guys taught on the road before? Where have you been? How did you like it? I’d love to know more about your travel stories!

If you’re interested in starting your own travelling teacher journey you can click below to apply! Head over to my contact page and send me a message for extra guidance throughout the process!



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