Choosing your schedule with DaDa (DaDaABC)

One of the first things you’ll have to do after getting your acceptance offer from DaDa (DaDaABC) is to choose your contract hours. Deciding what will work best for you can be difficult so let’s break it down! Firstly, all the times I’ll be talking about are in BJT (Beijing time) so if you’re not sure what that means for you click here for an awesome time zone converter.

Continue reading for some schedule related FAQs!

How long are contracts?

DaDa contracts are usually six months, one year or two years.

What are the available contract hours?

Monday to Friday the hours are 18:00-21:10 (6pm-9:10pm)

Saturday and Sunday the hours are 10:00-12:06 (10am-12:06pm), 14:00-16:06 (2pm-4:06pm) and 18:00-21:10 (6pm-9:10pm)

What are the minimum number of hours?

The minimum hours are 2 hours a day, 2 days a week. If you only want to work two days, they can’t be consecutive if they’re weekdays. So, Saturday and Sunday are fine, but you can’t work just Monday and Tuesday or Thursday and Friday. If you want to work more than two days, you can choose whichever days you like. I work five days a week, Monday to Friday!

Can I change my hours during my contract?

Yes, but not regularly, once or twice a contract should be ok. It’s worth bearing in mind that it’s easier to add hours than remove them. Hours can only be changed on the first of the month and you need to give as much notice as possible.

What about Daylight Saving Time?

China doesn’t observe Daylight Saving Time. This means when the clocks go back in Autumn you will start working an hour earlier. When the hours go forward in Spring you will start working an hour later. It’s definitely worth bearing this in mind when choosing your contract hours. Also, remember to give plenty of notice if you do need to change because of DST!

What are part time hours?

After a few weeks working for the company you can ask CS to open your ‘part time’ tab. These are extra hours you can choose the week or so before and a great option if you want more flexibility. They work the same as contract hours in that you need to be at your computer and ready to teach for the hours you choose even if there are no classes booked. Last minute bookings are very likely! The extra hours available are usually 17:28-21:44 in the week and all day at the weekend.

What is the difference between contract hours and part time hours?

Contract hours are set for the duration of your contract. Part time hours you can choose a few days in advance.

After a few weeks contract hours should be full with regular students. During part time hours you often get more trials and interest classes.

With both you’re expected to be at your computer and ready to teach for the duration of your shift as last minute classes are common.  The main difference is the pay.

The pay for contract hours is: full pay for teaching time and half pay for standby time.

The pay for part time hours is: full pay for teaching time, half pay for cancellations and no pay for no appointment.

This means that unfortunately, if you sign up for part time hours and you aren’t given any classes you won’t be paid half like you are during contract hours, but you are expected to sit and wait just the same.

In my personal experience my part time has almost always been at least 75% full. The best time to sign up is for 18:00-21:00, especially at the weekend!

Finally, what are summer and winter hours?

When the kids are off school for their summer and winter breaks DaDa’s schedule opens right up and hours are available all day, every day (Beijing Time). These hours are paid the same as part time hours. The main difference is that you have the option to sign up for these extra hours for the duration of the break. This means you’ll likely get regular summer/winter students who you’ll see at the same time/ day for the six-eight weeks of the break.

I really hope this helps you understand how it all works and makes choosing your schedule a little easier! If there is anything you’d like to know that I didn’t already cover please leave a comment and I’ll add it in! If you think you’re reading to take the plunge and start teaching with DaDa I’d love it if you used my link! It’s free for you and really helps me out. If you leave a comment or send me a message I’m happy to help you through the process as much as possible.


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