A Comprehensive Guide to Getting Paid with DaDa

Payday! Without a doubt one of my favourite days of the month. The day where, for a few hours at least, I actually have money.  Getting paid with DaDa can be confusing so let’s break it down! Continue reading for a comprehensive guide to getting paid!

When is pay day?

Pay day is *around* the 15th of the month. DaDa release all our wages by the 15th but sometimes it can take a few days for your bank to process. If you’re lucky you might even get paid a few days early! If you haven’t been paid by five working days after the 15th, you should email teacher_salary@dadaabc.com.

People with the same bank/ last name/ home country as me have been paid and I haven’t. Should I be worried?

Short answer, probably not! DaDa release pay in batches and it doesn’t seem to have any correlation to payment type, country or names. I know it’s easier said than done, but try not to panic and wait it out! If you haven’t received anything by the 20th send an email to teacher_salary@dadaabc.com.

Where is the payslip?

The payslips can be found in the Teachers Centre. Go the the ‘Personal’ tab and there should be a ‘salary’ tab down the left hand side. If the salary tab isn’t there you’ll need to ask CS to add it for you.

I can see my payslip but what does it all mean?

  • Contract time – This is all of your contract hours for the month.
  • Time off (hours) – This is pretty self explanatory :p
  • Planned working time – This is the number of hours you taught that month.
  • Absent time – This shows any classes you were late or absent for.
  • Non- teaching time – This shows the time you were on standby that month. Planned working time + absent time + non-teaching time should equal contract time.
  • Part time – This is the amount earned during part time hours in RMB.
  • Absenteeism – This is the amount fined for any classes you missed or were late for.
  • Failure time – Not 100% sure of this one but I’m guessing it’s any money taken off for tech failures on our side.
  • Time off – don’t be alarmed by the negative number! This is the money you would have earned if you hadn’t had the time off.
  •  Public holiday – This works similarly to ‘time off’. Very occasionally DaDa will cancel weekend daytime classes because the students have to go to their regular school. During this time there are no classes and you don’t have to check in. This means that you won’t be paid for these hours. The minus number you see in this column is just what you would have earned for those hours, not a fine.
  • Others – These are all the extras – any regular class bonuses, trial class bonuses or referral bonuses will go here. To get a breakdown of the bonuses earned just hover over the number with your mouse.
  • Actual pay – This is they pay they’re sending to your bank in RMB (sometimes also referred to as CNY). Remember if you don’t live in China you’ll need to convert this to your currency. I use XE Currency Converter for all my conversion needs!

Can I see a running total of my wages for the month?

Yes! The latest DaDa app on Android and iOS has a running total for the current month. This is a brand new feature so they’re probably still tweaking it. It’s been accurate for me so far but it does say it can take three days to update. I still use my own salary tracker too to compare!

How can I track my own wages?

Here’s a handy salary tracker! It’s super simple once it’s set up and it’s always been pretty accurate for me. You should be able to view the tracker with this link and copy it into your own Google Drive. I didn’t make this myself, just updated it for next year. The original was shared by another awesome teacher however I can’t find it anymore to credit! If you made this awesome tracker or know who did, let me know and I’ll give you props!

What is the best way to get paid?

There are three main ways to get paid:

1. PayPal – although I’d avoid this if at all possible, I’ve heard lots of complaints about ridiculously high fees!

2. Bank Transfer – probably the best way to get paid if you’re in the US. Make sure you have a bank that doesn’t charge for international transfers though!

3. Transferwise – If you’re living outside the US and want your wages to end up in anything other than US dollars I highly recommend using Transferwise. I’ve saved around £50-£60 a month by switching over from bank transfer.

What is Transferwise?

Transferwise is basically a way to send money internationally. All our wages are changed from RMB to USD by DaDa as RMB can’t legally leave China. If you’re living outside the US they then get changed again into your local currency. The most cost effective way I’ve found of doing this is opening a Transferwise account.

I ask DaDa to send my wages in USD and then change to GBP through Transferwise at a great exchange rate and a very small fee.

How do I set up Transferwise?

Firstly, create an account here: https://transferwise.com/u/laural475
(this is an affiliate link but I can absolutely promise you this has saved me tonnes of money each month. Even if you don’t want to use the link I’d still 100% recommend you use Transferwise!)

Secondly, activate two currencies – USD and the currency of your choice, in my case GBP.

Finally either add the following details to your contract, or send them in an email to the salary team if you’re already employed (teacher_salary@dadaabc.com)

Preferred Currency: USD
Bank Name: Community Federal Savings Bank
Bank Address: TransferWise
19 W 24th Street
New York
United States of America
Receiver Name:
Account Number:
Bank Holder Address: (Your home address, as given to Transferwise)
ACH/ABA Routing Number: 026073150

And that’s it! You’ll receive your pay into your USD Transferwise account, change to the currency of your choice and then move it into your bank account.
It took me six months to finally change and I’m so annoyed I waited so long. I save at least £50-£60 a month (that’s a lot of coffee money :p) and it’s a super simple process once it’s set up.

Any questions?

I hope this helped some of you! If you’re still a little unsure or don’t understand anything please feel free to leave a comment or send me a message!

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